} Heartful Stage "Showtime" {

Performance Date: Apr. 2005
Location: Sekaikan

Playwright: Kobayashi Masashi
Director: Uda Mitsuaki
Choreographer: Yoshi


Ouka Noboru: Dick *
Hiramatsu Sari: Ange
Asaka Sakurako: Leila


A three-person show with a running time of about an hour (the DVD also has 13 minutes of practice footage). Revue-style, with song and dance numbers, although there is a loose plot weaving it together of the main characters wanting to be on stage and working their way up.


Ouka Noboru has very good stage charisma, and is currently my favorite New OSK singer, with a fairly consistent voice. But of course, this is OSK, and I watch it for the dancing *grins*. The first section has more "street" style dances (Sakurako wears a Boston U shirt!), including a "Stomp" section which is interesting, but would have been much better with more than three performers. Noboru cleaning the chairs around the audience and even polishing someone's shopping bag is the cutest thing ever. The second section contains slower, more easy-listening numbers as a romance develops between Sakurako and Noboru's characters. Scene three brings us to the required otokoyaku-at-the-bar scene. The musumeyaku cheer Dick up with a present from a fan, and then the "show" starts. Scene four brings us a mix of suits, sequins, and other revue traditionals. Let's hear it for tap-dancing!