} Ikite Koso Haru ni Hana / We Love OSK {
(生きてこそ春に花 / We Love OSK)
With Life, There Will be Flowers in Spring / We Love OSK

Performance Date(s): Nov. 20 & 21, 2003

Playwright/Director: Hara Akira
Composers: Nakagawa Akira, Kuratomo Shinichi
Choreographers: Otani Morio, Yagura Tsuruo, Okuyama Kazuko


With Life, There Will be Flowers in Spring

Oishi Kuranosuke: Yoshizu Takashi
J.S. Bach: Daiki Makoto
Kako-Mama: Wakaki Shiho
Paula-san: Kitahara Saori
Sam-san: Ouka Noboru
Apu-san: Takase Mao
Ray-chan: Asaka Sakurako
Terry-san: Minazuki Jun
Tora-san: Hinami Aki
Karu-chan: Orihara Shio (Orihara Arisa)

We Love OSK

Above cast, and: Morino Konoka, Moegi Kawana, Kiryuu Asaya, Ryou Chihaya, Harusaki Tomoka, Makina Kotori, Sawaka Rin, Takashiro Yuuki, Misago Mari, Kouya Kazuki, Kaai Kokoro, Katsuragi Keito, Hiramatsu Sari


With Life, There Will be Flowers in Spring

A strange tale where the spirits of Oishi Kuranosuke and J.S. Bach visit a club on the verge of closing down. Ironically, the workers at Club 47 are practicing an eclectic rendition of the Chuushingura, the tale of Oishi's revenge against the man responsible for the forced seppuku of his master. They work their way through it (and through their own personal issues) with the help of the two rather odd spirits.

We Love OSK

The revue half of the performance.

1k: La Cage au Hall
2K: Satisfaction
3K: What Now My Love
4K: Rock On
5K: Carmen in New York
6K: The Act
7K: Line Dance
8K: Night and Day
9K: Finale
10K: We Love OSK!


Well. Hm. The first act was... interesting. In general, this show wasn't terribly impressive. Ugh, the costumes! But the actresses (only ten) were all great. And there were two bits that I love so much I would buy this DVD again in a second. One is toward the beginning, where we get a rock kabuki-ish version of the Naganori/Kira fight. And the gorgeous parting of Naganori and Gengoemon (Ouka and Takase) before Naganori commits seppuku. The musumeyaku who sings over it (and I'm terrible and can't remember her name right now) has a lovely voice. Yoshizu Takashi made an interesting Kuranosuke. What, really, what, was up with Bach? Daiki Makoto looked very pretty in her outfit, but she played Bach as a total fop, and it was really disconcerting. Cute though. Very cute.

Mm. Nothing really stood out during the revue, I'm afraid. No, that's a lie. Ouka Noboru's costume during the Carmen in New York scene will be banded into my memory forever. But other than that it was a decent revue, with solid dancing. And it was rather emotional during the speeches at the end. For good reason, I suspect, seeing when this show was performed.